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BuzzLegal was founded by attorney & entrepreneur Jaspreet Singh. While Jaspreet never formally worked as an attorney, he has worked with countless attorneys for his businesses. He quickly realized the importance of having entrepreneur-minded attorneys on your team to protect you, your idea, and your brand.

That’s why he created BuzzLegal as a no-cost resource for entrepreneurs to help you protect your idea and brand. The way it works is you fill out a quick form and then our team will buzz you to a qualified attorney to help you protect your business. Our fees are paid by the law firms with no additional cost to you.

We specialize in referring entrepreneurs to intellectual property attorneys. This includes trademark, copyright, and patent attorneys. Our network of attorneys specialize in protecting your brand and your idea.

We have attorneys who specialize in digital brands, physical products, service businesses, eCommerce, content creators, startups, retailers, and more!

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